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Software Ecosystem Infrastructure-As-A-Service

Montage’s powerful software package distribution and license management allow vibrant community-driven software ecosystems to be easily developed, maintained, and scaled. Montage serves as the backbone for the modern composable software architecture paradigm and its digital economy.

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Montage Effortless Integration
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With Montage, your software libraries and products become composable parts of a unified solution in a shared ecosystem. This increases the value and exposure of your software while leveraging other contributions.

Montage provides enhanced licensing and package management infrastructure to any ecosystem, to support the growing need for more specialized free or premium software components that are flexibly composed with other software components to create a software solution.

With a single unified license management system supporting any ecosystem, the struggle of learning and using multiple complicated licensing schemes is over.

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Montage Is Designed To Support The Composable Business Software Architecture


Business software responsive to rapid changes through carefully coordinated integration.


A central exchange for software building blocks to be deployed, discovered and consistently consumed at scale.


Ecosystem community-driven solutions composed in a unified enviroment, powered by state-of-the-art low code technology.


Ecosystem-agnostic packages drive software building block scalability across software environments and ecosystems

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